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Semen Myristicae Extract

Semen Myristicae Extract
Natural Herbal Extracts

Semen Myristicae Plant Extract

Semen Myristicae Extract Description: Source:plants nutmeg nutmeg to the dry kernel.Quality standards:Ratio: 10:1The use of plant parts: flowersColor: brownAppearance: powderMesh: 80 meshSmell: special smellaromaticLoss on Drying: <= 5%Ash: <5%Heavy Metals: <20PPMPesticid......

Semen Myristicae Extract Detail

Known As: Semen Myristicae Plant Extract


plants nutmeg nutmeg to the dry kernel.

Quality standards:

 Ratio: 10:1

 The use of plant parts: flowers

 Color: brown

 Appearance: powder

 Mesh: 80 mesh

 Smell: special smell  aromatic

 Loss on Drying: <= 5%

 Ash: <5%

 Heavy Metals: <20PPM

 Pesticide Residues: <2PPM

 Microbiological standards

 The total quantity of bacteria: <1000CFU/gm

 E. coli not detected

 Salmonella not detected

 Mold and yeast <100CFU/gm


charge air temperature Bank, Shibuya Zhixie intestine. For the spleen and stomach cold, more than diarrhoea, abdominal distension pain, vomiting, eating less. Contains volatile oil, a small amount can promote the secretion of gastric juice and gastric peristalsis, and an appetizer and the promotion of appetite, pain Xiaozhang effectiveness; but there are a large number of drug inhibition and there is a more significant role in anesthesia; volatile oil composition of the terpenoid to inhibit bacteria and mold. Nutmeg has hallucinogenic ether of normal, anti-inflammatory effects.

Nutmeg: were oval or elliptical in shape, the surface of gray or sallow, andmesh, the side of the longitudinal groove clear, quality sound, it is difficult cadres broken, gas and strong aromatic, spicy flavor and the micro - bitter.

 In cosmetics nutmeg extract: nourishing the skin fast and help nutrients to the skin depth of penetration, the full repair and maintenance of skin moisture and effective removal of oxygen free radicals.


 Placed in a cool dry, dark, avoid high temperature Department.

Shelf life :

Two year

The use and production technology introduced

Natural Herbal Extracts

Natural Herbal Extracts

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