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Angelica Extract - Herbal ExtractsAngelica Extract

Abbr. Name: Angelica Plant Extract

Active ingredients:volatile oil such as Ligustilide, n-Butylidenephthalide, Cnidilide, Angelica Ketone and so on, phenolic compounds, such as incense Schizonepeta acid, guaiacol, organic acids such as...

Grifola Frondosa Polysaccharide Extract - Herbal ExtractsGrifola Frondosa Polysaccharide Extract

Abbr. Name: Grifola frondosa Polysaccharide Plant Extract

Grifola frondosa Polysaccharide can be used in the comprehensive treatment of lassitude, leukocytopenia

Mangosteen Peel Extract - Herbal ExtractsMangosteen Peel Extract

Abbr. Name: Mangosteen Peel Plant Extract

Ingredient:trace wick element is also rich in a variety of mangosteen xanthones (Xanthones)Specification:10%, 20% ,30%Function:stronger anti-oxidation in the VC, VE, has a strong free radical scavenge...

Luo Han Guo Extract - Herbal ExtractsLuo Han Guo Extract

Abbr. Name: Momordica Extract

Luo Han Guo is the dry fruit of Momordica (Momordica grosvenori Swingle),known as the "Oriental fruit of God" "the god of longevity fruit", it contains a wealth of strong sweet, curbitane triterpenoid...

Pine Bark Extract - Herbal ExtractsPine Bark Extract

Abbr. Name: Pine Bark P.E.

Plant origin and Distribution:Massoniana from Pinaceae (Pinus massoniana Lamb.) Or the same plant, which contains a large number of oligomers known as proanthocyanidins compounds. Pine trees in our co...

Garcinia Cambogia Extract - Herbal ExtractsGarcinia Cambogia Extract

Abbr. Name: Garcinia Cambogia P.E.

Plant origin and Distribution:Garcinia Cambogia is Hyperin Branch, is very similar to citrus fruits, also known as tamarind fruit, for the Indian origin.Specification:60% HPLCPhysicochemical property:...

Huanglian Extract - Herbal ExtractsHuanglian Extract

Abbr. Name: Huanglian P.E.

Source :for Ranunculaceae Coptis plants, triangular leaves Huanglian, Yunnan Emei Huanglian wild or even roots.Active ingredients:containing 7 to 9%Berberine , Huanglian alkali, alkali methyl Huanglia...

Burdock Extract - Herbal ExtractsBurdock Extract

Abbr. Name: Burdock P.E.

Plant form:1, for the biennial herb burdock, with thick fleshy taproot. Stems erect, stout.2, alternate leaves, paper, wide-oval, blunt and round the top, base heart-shaped, the edge of a small sharp ...

Bitter Orange Extract - Herbal ExtractsBitter Orange Extract

Abbr. Name: Bitter Orange Plant Extract

product name:Bitter Orange plant extractThis product Neheperidin (bitter orange extract) 95% is one of our main products. So far, we are the largest exporter of this product Neheperidin (bitter orange...

Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract - Herbal ExtractsGriffonia Simplicifolia Extract

Abbr. Name: Griffonia Simplicifolia Plant Extract

5-HTP(Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract) Commodity: griffonia.Simplicifolia.Extract (5-htp ) Plant original: griffonia simplicifolia Part used: seeds Specification: 5-htp 98% or 99% test by hplc Cas no....

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Resveratrol 98% - 09/01/2009

Water Soluble Curcumin E=60 - 08/21/2009

Dehydrated Tamarind Extract - 08/06/2009

Chitosan Acid Soluble - 08/19//2009

Water Soluble Chitosan - 08/19/2009

Rutin 95% - 08/28/2009

Rutin 98% - 08/28/2009

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