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Bilberry Extract - Herbal ExtractsBilberry Extract

Abbr. Name: Blueberry Extract

Specificaton:25% anthocyandinMolecular Formula: C27H31O16Products Introduction: Bilberry(Vaccinium myrtillus) is a perennial, ornamental shrub that is commonly found in various climates in damp woodla...

Picralima Nitida Plant Extract - Herbal ExtractsPicralima Nitida Plant Extract

Abbr. Name: Picralima Nitida P.E.

A new indole alkaloid, picranitine, has been isolated from the seeds of Picralima nitida, along with five known indole alkaloids picratidine, akuammine, pseudoakuammine, akuammicine and akuammidine pr...

Lycopene Extract - Herbal ExtractsLycopene Extract

Abbr. Name: Lycopene Extract 5%-90%

Product Name Plant Extract--Lycopene5%-90% Latin Name Lycopersicum Esculentum. CAS NO 502-65-8 Plant Origin and Distribution Toma...

Cassiae Torae Semen Extract - Herbal ExtractsCassiae Torae Semen Extract

Abbr. Name: Cassiae Torae Semen P.E.

Source:for cassia legumes or dry Cassia seeds matureQuality standards:Ratio: 10:1The use of plant parts: flowersColor: brownAppearance: powderMesh: 80 meshSmell: special smellLoss on Drying: <= 5%Ash:...

Red Clover Extract - Herbal ExtractsRed Clover Extract

Abbr. Name: Red Clover P.E.

Standardized Red clover Extract powderBotanical Source: Trifolium Pratense L.Standard:8% of isoflavones.

Milk Thistle Plant Extract - Herbal ExtractsMilk Thistle Plant Extract

Abbr. Name: Milk Thistle P.E.

[PLANT ORIGINAL]: Silybum marianum (L.)Gaertn[PART USED]: Seed[SPECIFICATION]: Silymarin 80% Test By UV[CAS No.]: 22888-70-6[MOLECULAR FORMULA]: C25H22O10[MOLECULAR WEIGHT]: 482.43[MELTING POINT]: []...

Rose Hip Powder - Herbal ExtractsRose Hip Powder

Abbr. Name: Rosehip Powder Extract

Product Name: Rose Hip P.ECountry of Origin: P.R. ChinaBotanic Name: Rosa caninaActive Ingredient: Polyphenols, Vitamin CRose hip extract contains polyphenols such as , I.e. cyanidin-3-O-glucoside, se...

Methyl Hesperidin Extract - Herbal ExtractsMethyl Hesperidin Extract

Abbr. Name: Methyl Hesperidin Plant Extract 94%HPLC

[NAME]:Methyl Hesperidin[CHEMICAL NAME]: 4h-1-benzopyran-4-one,7-((6-o-(6-deoxy-alpha-l-mannopyranosyl)-beta-d-glucopyr3-dihydro-5-hydroxy-2-(3-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)-anosyl) oxy)- monomethyl ether[...

Loquat leaf Extract - Herbal ExtractsLoquat leaf Extract

Abbr. Name: Loquat leaf P.E.

Character:white fine powderMolecular formula: C30H48O3Source:This product is Ligustrum lucidum Ait.Leaves or plants Rosaceae Loquat Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.) Lindl.''s Leaves.Product Description:Ur...

Pomegranate Extract - Herbal ExtractsPomegranate Extract

Abbr. Name: Pomegranate P.E.

Product Name Plant Extract--Pomegranate Extract Latin Name Punica granatum L. CAS NO 476-66-4 Plant Origin and Distribution ...

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Water Soluble Curcumin E=60 - 08/21/2009

Dehydrated Tamarind Extract - 08/06/2009

Chitosan Acid Soluble - 08/19//2009

Water Soluble Chitosan - 08/19/2009

Rutin 95% - 08/28/2009

Rutin 98% - 08/28/2009

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