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Soluble Soy Polysaccharides - Herbal ExtractsSoluble Soy Polysaccharides

Abbr. Name: Soya Extract 40% isoflavones

Soya Extract 40% isoflavones 100% Natural, no any ingredients addedRaw material Fingerprint IdentificationGMP Production lineGMO Free No irradiationLower heavy metalLower pestiside residule

Echinacea Purpurea Extract - Herbal ExtractsEchinacea Purpurea Extract

Abbr. Name: Polyphenols 4%

Botanical Source:Echinacea PurpureaPart Used:Stem, leaf, rootAssay:Polyphenol UV 4%Appearance:Yellow green powderFunction & Usage:Echinacea increases bodily resistance to infection and is used for...

Salbia Root PE - Herbal ExtractsSalbia Root PE

Abbr. Name: SALBIA ROOT P.E.

Product origin The product is an extract of dried root of lamiaceae salbia Performances and usage Actibating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis,resistant to bacteria and inflammation.Used for...

Astragalus Root PE - Herbal ExtractsAstragalus Root PE

Abbr. Name: Astragalus Root P.E.

Product originThe product is a full herbal extract of Guttiferae Hypericum perforatum.Performances and usageUsed to cure depression,mental stress and insomnia.Product specificationCalculated on the an...

Botanical Extract - Herbal ExtractsBotanical Extract

Abbr. Name: Gynostemma Leaf Extract Powder

Botanical extract (natural plabt extract; natural herbal extract)The Gynostemma leaf extract powder.The active ingredient: 20%--98% Gypenoside by UV and HPLC.The function of this extract ingredient :(...

Ginkgo Biloba Extract - Herbal ExtractsGinkgo Biloba Extract

Abbr. Name: Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba Extract The quality standard of the Ginkgo Biloba Extract according to the 2005 chinese medicine/herb tests datingCharacter:light brownish-yellow or dark brown powder,little bitter .Loss...

Naringenin Extract - Herbal ExtractsNaringenin Extract

Abbr. Name: Naringenin P.E.

Plant Source:Citrus paradisi MacfadyenUsed Part:FruitAssay:98% HPLCAppearance:Almost white powderFunction & Usage:shaddock leather glucoside yuan of glucoside, have antibiotic, resist the inflamma...

Rhodiola Rosea Herbal Extract - Herbal ExtractsRhodiola Rosea Herbal Extract

Abbr. Name: Rhodiola P.E

Rhodiola Rosea Extract is our main product with many health benefits:1)Maintaining high energy and endurance levels;2)Improving protein metabolism;3)Increasing physical strength and mobility;4)Adjusti...

Buddleja Officinalis Extract - Herbal ExtractsBuddleja Officinalis Extract

Abbr. Name: Flos Buddlejae Extract

Buddleja officinalis extract (flos buddlejae extract; herbal flower extract). The Buddleja officinalis flower extract powder.The active ingredient : 5% Acacetin ; Quercetin Mimenhuasides.Which is know...

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Powder - Herbal ExtractsCordyceps Sinensis Extract Powder

Abbr. Name: Cordyceps sinensis P.E. Powder

Product: Cordyceps sinensis extract powderEnglish Name: Cordyceps sinensis Latin Name: Cordyceps Sinensisactive ingredients: polysaccharides,detected by UVSpecificationcontent:polysaccharides,10%,20%,...

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Resveratrol 98% - 09/01/2009

Water Soluble Curcumin E=60 - 08/21/2009

Dehydrated Tamarind Extract - 08/06/2009

Chitosan Acid Soluble - 08/19//2009

Water Soluble Chitosan - 08/19/2009

Rutin 95% - 08/28/2009

Rutin 98% - 08/28/2009

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