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Medicago Sativa Extract

Medicago Sativa Extract
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Medicago Sativa P.E.

Medicago Sativa Extract Description: Alfalfa contains five kinds of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, 10 species of minerals and Su-flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic acids of three plant-type-specific nutrientsRoles:1. Nethersole flavonoids: the role of anti-oxidation, while ch......

Medicago Sativa Extract Detail

Known As: Medicago Sativa P.E.

Alfalfa contains five kinds of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, 10 species of minerals and Su-flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic acids of three plant-type-specific nutrients


 1. Nethersole flavonoids: the role of anti-oxidation, while cholesterol in the artery to prevent the deposition, and to avoid blood clots into pieces in order to reduce the probability of the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Su-flavonoids can also block some of the adverse hormonal activity, inhibit the enzyme activity caused by inflammation, but also can inhibit proliferation of microvascular

 2. Phenolic acid: the role of anti-oxidation, can be regarded as a kind of antioxidants to prevent blood clots into a plate so that the blood in the vascular access, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease

 3. Carotenoids: to protect the eyes, the prevention of degenerative eye diseases by. In the body, allows differentiation of mature cells, in disease prevention have been proven to prevent cancer recurrence and to prevent the occurrence of heart disease have a certain effect. Has started to use clinically certain carotenoids, in cancer patients, an additional preventive chemotherapy

(1) Alfalfa and drainage

 Many people the number one reason for the use of alfalfa is: to promote the exclusion of body water retention. Alfalfa has a diuretic as a result of drainage features, for the period of female physiological edema, gout patients with uric acid ruled out with good results. The reasons are: Alfalfa is rich in minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc. The "K" can help the body to exclude excessive "sodium," the accumulation, and to achieve the functions of water diuresis. In addition, alkaline minerals and acid can then rule out too much uric acid in vivo, and to avoid the occurrence of gout

(2) alfalfa and cholesterol-lowering

 In addition, alfalfa contains a substance called "saponin plant" of the active ingredient. Plant saponin in the intestine of cholesterol have a great affinity, grease emulsifier can be done, it will combine with cholesterol as an insoluble compound, the body can not absorb, together with the fecal discharges. In this way, can be derived from the diet to reduce intake of cholesterol and hence indirectly lower blood and tissue cholesterol content

(3) of alfalfa and in vivo acid-base balance

 Alfalfa is rich in minerals, is an excellent source of alkaline food, usually eat for, communicative people social drinking, can help the body''s acid-base balance and to avoid acidification of the blood. We often heard people mention: the blood acidic, easily tired people. Why? In fact, acidic blood, destruction of normal red blood cells easily, making previously used to carry nutrients, waste and oxygen, carbon dioxide, a reduction of the red blood cells. Cells do not have adequate nutrients and oxygen, metabolic rate naturally declined, and the results are likely to fatigue. In addition, cell metabolism, the resulting waste and carbon dioxide excretion is unfavorable, the accumulation of cells after injury, resulting in a vicious circle

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Natural Herbal Extracts

Natural Herbal Extracts

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