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Black Sesame Seed Color - Herbal ExtractsBlack Sesame Seed Color

Abbr. Name: Black Sesame Seed Colour

Flavonones and Anthocyanin are the main parts of the black sesame seed color.We can see black glossy powder with our naked eyes.It is easily water-soluble. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted...

Logwood Color - Herbal ExtractsLogwood Color

Abbr. Name: Logwood Colour

Haematoxylin is the main part of the logwood color.We can see black-brown powder ,pasty or liquid. It is absolute a natural pigment abstracted from the core of Haematoxylon campechianum by modern biot...

Red Grape Skin Color - Herbal ExtractsRed Grape Skin Color

Abbr. Name: Red Grape Skin Colour

Description: Red Grape Skin Color is natural edible pigment extracted from the grape skin. Its main ingredient is anthocyanidin pigment, including oenins, syringidine etc. The product is dark purple ...

Purple Sweet Potato Red - Herbal ExtractsPurple Sweet Potato Red

Abbr. Name: Purple Sweet Potato Red Colour

It is a kind of natural edible pigment extracted from scammony purple sweet potato. It contains anthocyanins and flavones. The amaranthine powder or liquid color is soluble in water, alcohol, but inso...

Red Rice Red - Herbal ExtractsRed Rice Red

Abbr. Name: Red Rice Red Food Colour

Red rice red , a natural food color, is extracted from red or black rice of Oryza sativa, by the process of extracting, filtering, refining and purifying, concentrating, sterilizingliquid product, spr...

Water Soluble Curcumin - Herbal ExtractsWater Soluble Curcumin

Abbr. Name: Water-Soluble Curcumin Color

Curcumin is extracted from the root of Curcuma longa as raw material. Ití»s a natural food pigment by the process of solvent extracting, concentrating, refining and drying. CharacteristicsThe appearanc...

Natural Citrus - Herbal ExtractsNatural Citrus

Abbr. Name: Natural Citrus Colour

Natural Citrus (trade name: Orange yellow) owns high color v alue, strong coloration ability, even hue, great thermal stability and light stability, wide range adaption of PH v alue, great light trans...

Radish Red - Herbal ExtractsRadish Red

Abbr. Name: Radish Red Colour

Radish Red Color, a pure natural and water soluble food color produced by our company, is extracted from RAPHANUS SATIVUS L., an edible red shell & heart radish which have a long planting history ...

Safflower Yellow - Herbal ExtractsSafflower Yellow

Abbr. Name: Safflower Yellow Colour

Safflower Yellow is a natural food pigment extracted from the petal of Carthamus Tinctoria L. by the process of extracting, filtrating, purifying, concentrating, sterilizing, spraying & drying. Th...

Lac Dye - Herbal ExtractsLac Dye

Abbr. Name: Lac Dye Colour

Lac Dye is a natural food color extracted from the female insect Laccifer locca which is attach to legume and mulberry plants, by the process of extracting with weak sodium carbonate solution and refi...

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Resveratrol 98% - 09/01/2009

Water Soluble Curcumin E=60 - 08/21/2009

Dehydrated Tamarind Extract - 08/06/2009

Chitosan Acid Soluble - 08/19//2009

Water Soluble Chitosan - 08/19/2009

Rutin 95% - 08/28/2009

Rutin 98% - 08/28/2009

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