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Tea Polyphenols

Tea Polyphenols
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Tea Polyphenols

Tea Polyphenols Description: Composing and function of tea polyphenolsTea polyphenols is natural compound extracted from tea. It is composed of more than 30 substance containing phenolic group, its chemical structure can be sorted four types: catechin type, flavone and......

Tea Polyphenols Detail

Known As: Tea Polyphenols

Composing and function of tea polyphenols

Tea polyphenols is natural compound extracted from tea. It is composed of more than 30 substance containing phenolic group, its chemical structure can be sorted four types: catechin type, flavone and flavonol type, anthocyanidin and procrypsis anthocyanidin type, phenolic acid type; among of them, type catechin is the most occupying 60%~80% of total phenols. Catechin type is composed of D,L-C、EC、EGC、EGCE、GCG、ECG and so on, the first three types are the simple catechin ( free type), the latter three types are the complex catechin (ester type). Catechin compound is apt to show oxidation, polymerization and condensation for containing more phenolic hydroxyl group, which is doomed to have fine ability of anti-oxidation and ability of clearing free radical.

Tea polyphenols extracted from tea is taken as natural antioxidant of food, it is used for grease and food containing oil, as continual intensive researching, it has been widely suitable for food, medicine, health products, chemical industry commodities. It''s function as follows: anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti- radiation, anti-ultraviolet, reducing blood fat, reducing blood sugar, anticancer and diseases of cardiovascular resisting, remove free radical, restraining pathogen and get ride of smell.

Tea polyphenols is listed as GB2760-1996 Food Additive; and in 1997, it is rated as raw material of Chinese herbal medicine.

Application of tea polyphenols in aspects such as food and beverage

1 、Work as antioxidant. The tea polyphenols is the natural grease antioxidant, it''s anti-oxidant activation is superior to BHT and BHA, also superior to vitamin E too, it is widely applied in food industry to prevent and delay the lipid from oxidation or spoilage.

Operating method: (1) take 0.02~0.05% of tea polyphenols powder or extractive material of tea polyphenols that is equivalent to 0.02~0.05%. (2) Compound into 10% of the tea polyphenols solution and mix again evenly with water or the alcohol of 10% first. (3) If it is the meat product, which needs cooking or soaking, please compound the cook water (soak water) into tea polyphenols solution of 0.1% .

2 、Work as color fixative: Tea polyphenols takes effect on the pigment and vitamin in the food, it can prevent the food from fading and improve the stability.

Operating method: Add 0.005~0.01% of tea polyphenols in fruit juice, it can suppress the degradation of vitamin a , vitamin b and β- carotene from destroy, protect the nutrition of the fruit drink effectively. Add 0. 02% of the tea polyphenols can stop bad smell appear in the mandarin orange juice.

Quality Standards Tea Polyhenols Product

Physical properties: light-green powder or light yellow soluble in water or alcohol.

Stability:stable in PH4-8. easy to oxidize in the conditions such as strong alkali, acid , light ,high temperature and interim metals.

Safety evaluation: non-toxicity

Storage: keep in shady, dry places with good ventilation condition and avoiding light.

Shelf time: two years

The use and production technology introduced

Food Additive

Nutrition Additive, Food Additive

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